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Frequently asked Questions

 How soon can I have an appointment?
We have a specialist Consultant Surgeon available every Monday and most Thursdays, it can usually be within a week of requesting the appointment. 

Is the procedure painful?
Yes, there will be some pain but the severity very much depends on the patient. We send you home with adequate pain relief. You will need to take regular painkillers for the first week.
How long is it before I can resume sport?
For a Professional athlete we would expect you should be back in 4 weeks. For amateur athletes we would expect you to be back playing sport in about 6 weeks. 
Comfort is the guide for any activity. If you over do any exercise it will ache or hurt, however, you will not harm the hernia repair.

Do I need to have stitches removed?
No, all stitches are dissolvable.

Can I fly after surgery?
You can fly about a week after surgery but you may need help with luggage.

Will the hernia recur?
This is very unlikely with modern hernia repair techniques but it can happen in a very small number of patients.

When can I drive again?
You can drive in approximately 7-10 days post-operatively as long as you are comfortable enough to operate the vehicle and safely perform tasks such as an emergency stop. We suggest that you speak with your motor insurance company to get their opinion on this to ensure that you do not invalidate your insurance.

When can I have sexual intercourse post op?
For hernia patients, gentle sexual intercourse is okay from week 2 post operatively.
Comfort is the guide for any activity.

Do you contact my GP?
Yes.  We will inform your GP of your diagnosis, treatment plan and of any procedure you might have.

I feel anxious about the appointment / procedure / anaesthetic.
We understand how anxious and sometimes embarrassed you may feel about having a hernia. Our fully trained staff will make your visit as comfortable and easy as possible. 
It is normal to feel apprehensive about any surgical procedure. Your consultant and the nursing staff at Spire Dunedin Hospital will reassure you and care for you in a pleasant and safe environment.
Please do not hesitate to tell the Consultant or Nurse if you are overly concerned about any aspect of your care.