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Most hernia repairs are carried out as day case procedures and the patient returns home on the same day, very often within a few hours of surgery. This can be achieved with either general or local anaesthesia.
The hernia repair cannot by damaged by over exertion but this can cause pain or discomfort. The main guide to rehabilitation should be comfort. As a rough guide here is how the weeks following inguinal hernia repair pan out.
Week 1
Gentle mobility around the house and garden. Take a few gentle walks per day. Painkillers will be required for this first week.
Week 2
Return to work for office and sedentary workers. Brisk walking, carrying light objects. Return to driving at 7 – 10 days. Gentle sexual intercourse.
Week 3
Return to work for light physical activities. Jogging, swimming and light lifting.
Week 4
Return to work for heavy duties. Swimming, cycling, running. Lifting permitted but avoid sudden movements. Social sporting activities.
Week 5
No restriction to activities. Competitive sport.

The repair area often goes black and blue. This can be minor or alarming. It can descend to the penis and testicles. However, it always goes away.
There is often a lumpy ridge beneath the scar, this will reabsorb over a period of 6-8 weeks.
Numbness is frequently experienced below the scar. This usually resolves in 6-8 weeks.

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