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What is Hernia?

A hernia is a protrusion of an organ beyond its normal confines and occurs in either the groin or the abdomen. This protrusion produces a swelling. If it disappear on lying it is a reducible hernia, if it remains, it is an irreducible hernia. Hernias can be painless, cause discomfort or be painful. They tend to get larger with time and can interfere with normal activities.

Although hernias in adults can arise for a number of reasons some common examples are:

As we get older there is a higher risk of hernia, possibly due to the muscles in the stomach wall becoming weaker with age.
Almost all hernias will require an operative repair, many using mesh.

Hernias are found in different places at areas of weakness of the abdominal wall.


A  Epigastric
B  Umbilical
C  Ventral
D  Inguinal, direct
E Inguinal, indirect
F  Femoral