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Medical Insurance
The cost of an initial consultation is £200.  There are additional charges for any investigations or diagnostic tests. This charge is routinely covered in full by all medical insurers, subject to individual policy benefit limits, restrictions and excesses. 

If you require surgery, you will be given an estimate of the Consultant Surgeons fees so that you can check your level of cover with your insurer, as a standard charge is made for each operation and insurers have different payment levels.

Self Funding

If you're paying for your surgery yourself we want to ensure your costs do not escalate. We will therefore quote the cost of your hernia repair as a Fixed Price Inclusive Care Package.
Precise costs can be obtained from the Bookings Office at Spire Dunedin Hospital on 01189553429.
For example:

Repair of Inguinal hernia (one side) - £1800
Repair of umbilical hernia – £1944
These charges include surgical, anaesthetic and hospital fees for the procedure, pre- and post-operative care. A follow up consultation a few weeks after surgery is also within this package.